Just your average 22 year old girl from Toronto, Canada. I make youtube videos, ASMR videos and post (far too frequently) to Instagram. This blog is a collection of the many realms that I love, from beauty, fashion, books, music and FOOD (vegan ofc!). Read on to see a collection of style diaries, travel memories, my favourite recipes, and more. I hope you enjoy! xx

www.youtube.com/gwengwizetc focuses largely on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health and travel. These videos are typically more candid than those on my ASMR channel, and allow for my entire personality to shine through. I love helping women feel great about themselves through confidently showing my body in all its flaws and beauty, sharing my advice on eating healthy and vegan, showing off the latest and greatest in fashion, and travelling the world with my camera!

www.youtube.com/gwenswinarton is a channel dedicated to creating videos that helps to relax the viewer and aid them in sleeping or calming down. My videos are designed to not only help with insomnia, depression, and anxiety, but also act as a warm and loving friend to chat with. I make video content ranging from makeup tutorials, clothing hauls, and role-play videos. You can now also listen to my ASMR audio via Spotify!


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