48 Hours In NYC: Where To Stay In New York City

This past week, I had the incredible opportunity to visit NYC for two nights with my boyfriend. It was our first time travelling together, and I’m happy to say that it went down smoothly. We had a lovely time together, and really enjoyed exploring the city. It was both of our first times in NYC, so we wanted to just relax and take it easy, rather than pack in a bunch of tourist attractions in such minimal time. That’s why The Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC Hotel was perfect for us, because it was a place we could enjoy spending time at, and really truly relax.

I’m going to start by praising the customer service here. Though this is usually something I mention last in a hotel review, the staff at Gansevoort were so incredibly kind and welcoming, that I have to offer my thanks to them first. Matthew, the front desk manager, was so kind and friendly. Me and Matty (my boyfriend) couldn’t stop talking about what a cutie he was. He also had the BEST slight Jersey accent, we couldn’t get over it, lol. Matthew was super accommodating, and he helped us out with any issue or question we had. On the first night we also went back to our room to find he left us a bottle of Prosecco and some chocolates! Such a sweetheart. The hotel team also gave me some embroidered pillow cases with my initials — such a cute detail and kind thought! The rest of the staff as a whole we’re also so incredible, I’m running out of adjectives. Whenever we needed any help, or had boxes delivered, they’d be at our room door in a second, no questions asked. The maids in the hallway always gave us a friendly hello, or even stopped to chat and tell Matty how good looking he was (seriously, this happened a few times, lol!). The lobby staff also frequently unlocked the lobby doors to the staircase (we took the stairs most of the time as Matty isn’t a fan of elevators). We felt bad asking them to unlock the door so much, but the staff we’re so friendly and insisted they were happy to help, which made us feel a lot better.

My favourite part of the hotel, and arguably the main reason I was so excited for this trip to NYC, was the rooftop pool and bar lounge. This space encompassed the entire top floor, with a beautifully bright and colourful bar area in the centre, and a flower garden with lots of comfy seating to look at the view of the city. The pool was the perfect size, bright blue and really clean (which was kind of amazing when you think about it, considering it was in the middle of NYC, but there was never any dirt in the pool, aka a clean freak like me’s heaven). There was an abundance of clean towels to use, along with lots of comfy chairs and couches surrounding the pool area to relax. We went up to the pool every morning, and it was seriously the perfect way to start off the day. I wish I could have taken the rooftop pool home with me!

The room was absolutely beautiful. My favourite part was our little balcony, it was so New York feeling and I loved standing outside and taking in the view (and enjoying the Summer heat!). The beds were super comfy and soft, not to mention crazy clean. The hotel room had all the extra amenities you never expect but really appreciate, like wine glasses, a coffee machine and coffee pods, an iPhone charger and clock, a vintage looking stereo, flat screen TV, etc. The bathroom even had a hair straightener, hair dryer, pack of razors, and a collection of L’Occitane soaps and shower supplies. The room even had comfy cozy robes and slippers for us to use!

From the moment you enter the hotel, you’re blown away by the architecture and design of the place (much like my initial reaction to all the beautiful buildings in NYC too!). The space is expertly designed with modern and vintage finishes. The lobby has incredibly high ceilings and doors that offer a superior luxurious feeling. You really have to see the space to get what I mean, but basically if you’re on the market for a home designer, get the Gansevoort’s guy, cause he knew what he was doing!

The hotel was also very kind of give us a couple of free breakfast vouchers, which meant we got to try out The Chester, their in house restaurant and bar, during our stay. The dining area was absolutely beautiful. It had vintage looking hanging chandeliers, dark wood panelling and touches of vintage modern flair throughout. The food was amazing, the customer service was friendly and quick. We loved breakfast so much the first morning, we went back again the next day! Matty got the big breakfast both days, which he devoured with pleasure. I got a massive fruit plate, that was even better than I was expecting (maybe I’m the only one, but usually when you order a fruit bowl/plate you’re not expecting much fruit, and usually the variety isn’t that great either), but this plate was massive, with an abundance of fruit varieties that were all super fresh and sweet. We also got the freshly squeezed orange juice both days (DELISH), along with coffee and water. Wish I could have breakfast there every morning.

Me and Matty were also treated to our first ever massage at the hotel’s Exhale Spa! The spa was so luxurious and relaxing, with warm candle lights, plants, fresh air diffusers and soft music. We got the Swedish Couples Massage. It was so relaxing and went by in the blink of an eye. Before I knew it my masseuse was whispering in my ear that it was over, and I was like “already!”. Basically, it was amazing and I would really recommend it. Our massage technicians were super friendly and really focused on making sure we were comfortable throughout the entire procedure, whether that be more or less pressure, more or less covers, etc. I really enjoyed the experience and wish I could get a massage every day. It was also the perfect little relaxing escape in the middle of the hustle and bustle of downtown New York.

Lastly, the location of the Gansevoort was perfect. Though I’m a total newbie when it comes to NYC, I thought that the location couldn’t really get any better. I didn’t want to stay in a mega touristy area, because that’s really not my scene, but I equally didn’t want to be in the middle of no where (not that such a place exists in NYC anyways, but you know what I mean). I love this location because it was in the middle of the super trendy Meatpacking district, right next to the Chelsea District and Soho too. We were a minute walk from The High Line, which we honestly just stumbled upon, but was by far my favourite place in the city (if you don’t know, The High Line is basically an old railway line converted into a garden. That doesn’t really do it justice, but just trust me when I say its a magical garden of heaven in the middle of the city.) It was also no more than a ten minute walk from the Flat Iron Building!

I hope you enjoyed this little review. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way. I would totally recommend this hotel though, if you couldn’t tell! Check out their website here, and instagram here, and my NYC Vlog for more info too.


  1. So you went to one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world, and based on the account of this blog post, never left the hotel?

    Or perhaps you did, but describing anything other than the product you’re shilling for is incomprehensible because, let’s be honest, that’s what this is about: sponsorship or free shit, and not actually an honest account of anything.

    Either way...bravo.


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