Where To Stay In L.A.: The Hyatt Regency LAX

If you’ve been following me on social media the last couple weeks, you’ll know that I visited Los Angeles for the first time recently. After a lovely few nights at The Hollywood Hotel (read review here), myself and Nicole stayed at The Hyatt Regency LAX for our last night in the city of angels. I thought I’d share my thoughts and experiences with the hotel, in case you’re looking for a place to stay in Los Angeles!

The Hyatt Regency LAX is located literally right next to the LAX International Airport. This makes it the perfect spot to stay after a long flight to the city, or to relax and refresh before your flight back home. The hotel is also just a 25 minute drive to Santa Monica Pier, and 15 minute drive to the Venice Canals. For reference, that’s a LOT closer than if you were visiting the Santa Monica area from Hollywood, which takes about 1 hour of driving. That makes the hotel the perfect spot to not only relax pre/post flight, but also to explore the coastline of Los Angeles!

This was probably the most luxurious hotel I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in. It was bright, clean, spacious and full of lovely details and touches. It offered free wifi, fast elevators (we never waited for more than 10s for one to come!), a free airport shuttle, and my favourite part: a heated outdoor pool.

The pool was absolutely massive, ranging from 3ft to 9 feet deep, and was a beautiful blue colour. It was big enough so that it didn’t feel crowded, even with a number of people in the pool. It was also a salt water pool, rather than chlorine, which is a lot better for your health and hair — especially for dyed hair, as chlorine can strip hair of colouring, but salt water keeps it nice and fresh! Surrounding the pool are a number of comfortable and clean lounge chairs, along with a bunch of spacious cabanas fitted with thick comfy cushions and adjustable shades for privacy (or to relax in if you’ve gotten too much sun/ burned). The pool area was stocked with lots of clean, fresh towels, and pool toys (lots of swimming noodles!)

Just outside the gated pool area was a number of additional cabanas. We took advantage of these cabanas after our swim. They were the perfect spot to relax, read, have some snacks, and overall have a peaceful afternoon, whilst still enjoying the sunny warm L.A. weather before going home. This area also had a number of fire pits and surrounding lounge chairs. I can imagine the nights would be lovely here, sitting around the fire pits and watching the sun set.

Now lets talk about the room. Ours was the 1 King Bed room, which came with an awesome view of both the pool, and the airports runway track. I loved being able to sit and watch the planes take off! You can hear the planes leaving, but only slightly, and just when close to the window. It absolutely didn’t disturb either of us, nor disrupt our sleep. The soundproof window was large and allowed for an abundance of natural daylight to fill the room during the day. At night, the window had blackout shades to create the optimal sleep situation.

The room was clearly brand new, it was clean and modern. It was equipped with a large sofa, Flatscreen TV, and cozy white bed — we felt right at home. The bathroom was also beautiful and spacious, and again felt very new and clean, which is always important for me. The shower had both a rain faucet and a handheld one (a huge bonus!). The towels were bright, clean and soft, the the room also came with plush robes! The room had lots of available storage space, including drawers, handers, cupboards. The bed was super squishy and comfortables, and the pillows were the right about of soft to hard ratio. The bed was also huge! Myself and Nicole happily slept in it together without fighting over the blankets or space.

There was a number of outlets available on either side of the bed (and throughout the room as a whole). This might seem a little silly, but a lot of hotels don’t offer bedside outlets! And in this technological age, being able to easily charge your phone and laptop, and have easy access to them, is so essential.

Our room also gave us access to the exclusive Regency Club on the 3rd floor. This was a super valuable addition to our stay, as it provided a spacious and beautiful space to relax that was separate from the room, and still private. It featured a number of lounge areas, TVs, a computer and printer, and an abundance of food and kitchen supplies. If we’d stayed at the hotel longer, I’m sure we would have gotten a lot of use out of it, as I am an early sleeper, and others I stay with typically like to stay up later and watch TV. This way I can sleep early, and my travel companions can still enjoy their evening at the Regency Club lounge. Win-win!

The evening we visited the club there was an array of snacks on offer, from chips and salsa, meats, breads, fruit, veggies, you name it, they probably had it. There were large fridges stocked with soft drinks, water and juice too. And this was all complimentary! The man working at the front entrance to the club was SO FUNNY and friendly, we were sad we didn’t get to see him again!

In the morning, we stopped by for breakfast before the flight. Like the night before, the selection was unbelievable. There was an espresso machine, a Keurig coffee machine, and hot water with tea available. There was pancakes, french toast, fruits, pastries, breads, bagels, spreads, and more. They even had a huge bowl of cooked oatmeal, and if you know me, that was basically heaven haha!

The feel within the Regency Club was less like a hotel, and more like a beautiful home. You felt relaxed and comfortable, unlike eating out at a restaurant. I wish we had more days to enjoy the club because it was one of my favourite aspects of the trip. Plus, eating breakfast at your hotel is so much more convenient and quick, especially if you need to run out the door and catch a flight early in the morning!

This hotel was already incredible, but offering a free shuttle to the LAX airport was the cherry on top. The shuttle left about every 5-10 minutes, so you didn’t need to worry about missing one. The driver was incredibly helpful, carrying everyones bags on and off, and doing it with a smile. Myself and Nicole felt so bad that we had spent all of our American cash, because he deserved a huge tip. The bus itself probably held around 15 people, along with all our luggage. We told the driver our airline when we got on the bus and he dropped us off right at the gate we needed. The drive, including stops to drop off other passengers, didn’t take more than 5 minutes.

For dinner, we stopped by the hotel’s in house restaurant, Unity LA. The menu held a huge variety, and was super dietary friendly, with notes on which meals could be made vegan (gluten-free was also available for those of you who are celiac!). Our server Juan was SO adorable, friendly and helpful. Anything you asked for, he’d say “Absolutely!” (in a super cute Spanish accent), and with a genuine smile of his face. He knew the menu like the back of his hand, and every single ingredient that went into each dish. I ordered the California Salad and Drunken Noodles, and Nicole got the Caesar Salad and Drunken Noodles (all vegan style). The Salad was crazy delicious, filled with fresh greens, figs, pistachios and other goodies. Nicole also loved her salad, and was very surprised by how much it tasted like a real Caesar salad. We both loved the Drunken Noodles too. They were full of flavour, perfectly cooked greens and tasty noodles. Yum yum yum!

Lastly, I of course wanted to touch on the customer service provided at the hotel. The receptionists at the front desk were super fast and friendly. We never waited more than a minute to be taken care of. The maids in the hallways would always wish us well and say hello when we walked past, and overall every employee we met at the hotel were super nice, attentive and funny. You could tell they were not just being nice for the sake of it, but rather that they were truly kind people who loved their job.

Though I’d absolutely recommend the hotel for more than one night (we certainly wished we had booked a few more nights!), if nothing else, I’d 100% recommend staying at least the night before your flight. It makes the travel process so much easier and stress free. Especially if you have an early flight, it means not having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to the airport. We didn’t have to worry about traffic, or sit in the car for 1+ hours to get there. We simply hopped on the shuttle and ta-da! We were at the airport and ready to go. No stressing about getting there on time, or waking up 5 hours before the plane actually leaves. Easy, peasy!

You can see more of the hotel in my daily vlog here. Check out the hotel's website and instagram too! Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful. As always if you have any questions, just ask!

Photos by Nicole Ribeiro.


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