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SALE ALERT: The Reformation Up To 40% Off! Everything You Need To Get. Now.

So unless you've been living under a rock (or just don't follow me tbh lol) then you'll know I'm seriously obsessed with the brand The Reformation. If I could only wear clothes from one, hands down, it would be them.

Everything The Reformation makes is sustainable, using dead stock fabrics, water saving techniques, and it's all made in the USA! Every time you buy something, you get a sustainability report with all the water, waste and carbon dioxide you saved. Not to mention all the pieces are HELLA CUTE and well made. Only bummer? The price tag. But The Reformation is currently having a sale and I'm freaking out a lil bit (a lil? a LOT) because they never do sales.

So I've rounded up all my fav pieces that you can get for up to 40% off right now. If anything grabs your fancy, I'd suggest getting it quick because they sell out fast. Happy shopping! xx

⭑  THE MINI DRESS ⭑ Of all the items I own from The Reformation, the majority are mini dresses. I basic…

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